Symposium A

Investigation of Materials at the Nanoscale using Electrons, X-rays and Neutrons

Electron and X-ray excitations play a fundamental role in materials and device discovery. This symposium aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the characterization of nanoscale materials to obtain detailed pictures of their chemical, physical and structural properties. As a tribute to the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry which was awarded for high resolution cryo-TEM work on biological materials, this symposium will not be limited to hard matter topics but will also cover bio and soft materials. Besides electron and X-ray techniques using laboratory sources, synchrotron X-ray/neutron based techniques will be outlined in this symposium. We invite contributions in the use of these techniques for the study of inorganic, organic, hybrid and biological materials and devices.

This meeting will cover a comprehensive range of topics relating to electron microscopy and X-ray techniques including but not limited to:

  • In-Situ and operando methods in electron and X-ray techniques (stimuli can be in different forms such as heat, electrical biasing, mechanical, optical, etc.);
  • Nanoscale characterization under gas and liquid environments;
  • Nanoscale characterization of energy conversion and storage materials;
  • Nanoscale characterization of catalysis;
  • Functional materials at the nanometer length scale;
  • Study of magnetic materials, including electron holography;
  • Cryogenic studies of biological and soft materials;
  • X-ray and electron tomography;
  • Atom probe tomography;
  • High resolution TEM and STEM;
  • Spectroscopic characterization inside a TEM;
  • Neutrons / X-ray synchrotron characterization of materials;
  • Microanalysis methods such as EBSD, EPMA, etc.


Yeng Ming Lam
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Chris Boothroyd
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Michel Bosman
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Naoya Shibata
University of Tokyo, Japan

Shu Fen Tan
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Scientific Advisor

Steve Pennycook
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Yeng Ming Lam
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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