Symposium C

Advanced Applications of Ion Beams: Enabling a New Technology Era

The symposium brings together physicists, materials scientists and those who are interested in emerging application of ion beams. These applications include quantum computing and sensing by deterministic ion implantation and nano patterning of advanced materials such as graphene and other 2D materials. The focus of the conference is on the materials science involving both basic ion-solid interaction processes and property changes occurring either during or subsequent to ion bombardment and ion beam processing in relation to materials, biomaterials and device applications.

  • Ion beam nanoimaging of materials and defects
  • Bioimaging with ion beams at the nanoscale
  • Modification of electrical and optical properties of materials by ion beams
  • Doping and nanoparticle formation in materials using ion implantation
  • Proton Beam Writing and other direct write lithographies
  • Lab-on-a-chip and nano fluidic applications of direct write lithographies
  • Resist characteristics for charged particle beams
  • Single ion irradiation and modification – Deterministic ion implantation
  • Quantum computing and quantum sensing applications
  • Focused ion beam nanopatterning using low energy heavy ions
  • Masked ion beam nanopatterning
  • Theoretical studies of ion solid interactions
  • Technical developments in hardware and software


Andrew Bettiol
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Jeroen van Kan
National University of Singapore, Singapore

David Jamieson
University of Melbourne, Australia

Thomas Schenkel
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA


Andrew Bettiol
National University of Singapore, Singapore

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