Symposium K

Wide Bandgap Electronic Materials

The wide bandgap semiconductors have attracted considerable attention in solid state lighting, sensing, and high power electronics. With the perspective of significant reduction of energy consumption, more power, more frequency bands, better linearity, and improved energy efficiencies, such material technologies are addressing new application potentials. While III-nitride devices are capable of handling specifications at a reasonable price for low power consumer applications, current 5G communication deployment has attracted radio-frequency GaN technology potentials in urban mobility. Beside nitrides, trends on SiC and Ga2O3-based compound semiconductors show development toward robust extreme high power electronics toward automotive and aerospace applications. In particular, compared to current silicon based incumbents, SiC-based technologies will dominate the electrification of transport and renewables as energy efficiency solutions. The scope of this symposium will focus on all aspects of wide bandgap electronics including epitaxial growth, material characterization, and device processing, and new emerging applications of these material systems.

  • High-power and high-frequency applications of GaN-on-SiC and GaN-on-Silicon;
  • SiC Power Electronics toward electrification of transport and power grids;
  • Emerging Ga2O3 technologies for power electronics;
  • Epitaxy, characterization, and processing of III-nitride layers such as GaN, AlN, AlGaN;
  • Sensing device concepts using metal/2D semiconductor/wide bandgap junctions;
  • AlGaN/GaN-based materials for deep UV optoelectronics;
  • Wideband gap nanostructures and their applications in Electronics, lighting, detection, and sensing.


Sudhiranjan Tripathy
Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore


Anant Agarwal
The Ohio State University, USA

K. Radhakrishnan
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Rajendra Singh
IIT Delhi, India

Xiaohang Li
KAUST, Saudi Arabia


Sudhiranjan Tripathy
Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore

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