Symposium M

Increasing Energy and Power Densities of Intercalation Batteries
(In Honour of Nobel Laureate Prof Stanley Whittingham)

Limiting global warming requires major discoveries in energy storage technologies. Among the most prominent technologies in our history, rechargeable batteries have reshaped our lives, while constant improvements in materials and chemistries of new battery architectures will dictate our energy future. This symposium builds upon recent developments in energy storage technologies toward battery materials that can reliably provide the necessary power and energy covering a wide range of applications, form portable electronic devices to heavy duty and stationary battery modules. A number of topics will be cover ranging from the design of new materials to the engineering of battery devices. In particular, the symposium will target experimental and computational approaches oriented to materials discovery, the development of new characterization tools to provide insight in electrochemical processes occurring at the materials and at the device levels.

The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Materials design for lithium, sodium and multivalent batteries;
  • Metal anode batteries and all-solid-state batteries;
  • Metal-oxygen and metal-sulfur batteries;
  • In silico design of materials, stable interfaces and devices;
  • Novel characterization techniques;
  • Novel liquid electrolyte formulations for high safety and voltage;
  • Understanding solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces;
  • Novel architectures for battery design.


Pieremanuele Canepa
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Stefan Adams
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Arumugam Manthiram
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Christian Masquelier
Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France


Pieremanuele Canepa
National University of Singapore, Singapore

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