Symposium V

Advanced Materials for X-ray Sensing

This symposium will focus on recent developments in scintillators, including perovskite quantum dots, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), organic single crystals, and lanthanide hybrid nanomaterials, as well as their emerging applications in biomedical research.

  • Traditional bulk scintillator materials with special consideration on ultrafast transient phenomena;
  • X-ray & gamma-ray detector and imaging technologies;
  • Scintillation characterization and mechanisms in nanosystems;
  • Scintillator growth and production for crystals, films, and nanostructures;
  • New applications of nanocrystal scintillators in biomedical research.
  • Laura BASIRICĂ’, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Lei CAO, The Ohio State University, USA
  • Wei CHEN, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  • Yihui HE, Soochow University, China
  • Huaidong JIANG, Shanghai Tech University, China
  • Zhaohong MI, Fudan University, China
  • Omar MOHAMMED, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • Parivash MORADIFAR, Stanford University, USA
  • Amitava PATRA, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India
  • Qibing PEI, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  • Makhsud SAIDAMINOV, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Paul SELLIN, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Tsun-Kong SHAM, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Liang SHEN, Jilin University, China
  • Hong-Tao SUN, National Institute for Materials Science, China
  • Jiang TANG, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  • Feng WANG, City University of Hong Kong, China
  • Tom WU, University of New South Wales, Austria
  • Guichuan XING, University of Macau, China
  • Yadong XU, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
  • Yang YANG, Zhejiang University, China


Xiaogang Liu
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Qiushui Chen
Fuzhou University, China


Osman Bakr
KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Jinsong Huang
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA


Xiaogang Liu
National University of Singapore, Singapore

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